Remote party review solution

Remote party review solution

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Yingxu remote party review solution

-- professional embedded remote party review solution



After 2015, pharmacies must have licensed pharmacists or they will not be able to sell prescription drugs


There are about 420,000 pharmacies in China, and only 80,000 licensed pharmacists

There are not enough licensed pharmacists to hire

Match according to national requirement, cost is too high

Remote party review is the best solution to the contradiction

What is remote audit side

The pharmacy installed a square examiner

The examiners are connected to the examiners center via the network

Prescriptions for process

1. The pharmacy clerk scans the customer's prescription through the square examiner

2. The square checking instrument transmits the data to the square checking center remotely

3. Licensed pharmacists review prescriptions in the prescription review center

4. If necessary, the licensed pharmacist and the customer make video calls

5. Licensed pharmacist shall inform the results to the pharmacy through prescription checking instrument

6. The pharmacy sells according to the result of the audit or informs the customer that it cannot sell

Yingxu remote side check system features

Tailored according to relevant national standards

Adopt the latest Internet of things technology, cross - network cross - platform

Cloud computing, flexible framework, suitable for all sizes of pharmacy

Two-way video, instant alarm, intelligent linkage, process traceability

International common standard protocol

Full network management, intelligent

Intelligence gathering

Integrated equipment

Scanning, audio and video calls

Hd scan, 2 megapixels

Two-way audio and video calls

Hd video release system

Centralized management

All records, all oversight

Management platform

B/S management platform based on J2EE, large database, AJAX and other advanced technologies, has the characteristics of safe and reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade.

Flexible architecture, on demand configuration center platform

No client installation is required

Electronic map, OA linkage..

Centralized storage

Centralized management

Remote maintenance

Scheme comparison



main engine

common PC

integrated equipment 

operating system


Embedded Linux 

scanning system

  • Special high beat instrument

  • Integrated hd camera

Ability to speak

  • Use QQ and other third party software time

Integrated solution

video player


Focus hd video push













power consumption


< 20w


Cloud management platform

Yingxu remote party review system provides a cloud management platform, which can quickly implement remote party review without assuming the central server. It has been successfully applied in many chain pharmacies.