Machine room moving ring solution

Machine room moving ring solution

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The Internet has become an important part of life

More and more machine room equipment: server, switch, power supply and distribution, UPS, air conditioning, fire...

L more and more important data, larger and larger machine room, high cost and poor effect of 24-hour shift

L the equipment of each manufacturer is independent for array, lack unified management linkage platform

Yingxu intelligent computer room iot management system

L tailored according to relevant national standards

L adopt the latest Internet of things technology, cross-network cross-platform

L flexible frame, suitable for all sizes of machine room

L instant alarm, intelligent linkage, two-way video, process traceability

International general standard protocol

L full network management, intelligent

system chart

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Intelligence gathering

L power information of machine room can be collected: voltage, current, power, UPS, etc

L environmental information of the machine room can be collected: temperature and humidity, smoke sense, fire alarm, air conditioner, water leakage, video, sound, access control, etc

L the operation information of auxiliary equipment in the machine room can be collected: server, switch, air conditioner, security system, access control, etc

L can collect information such as server, switch running status and network load in the machine room

Collect the running state of the gateway controller itself

The output

L terminal has full linkage capability

L linkage local lighting, siren, voice, video...

L linkage air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification...

L linkage SMS, mobile phone, phone...

L linkage remote management center...

Intelligent linkage

L support cross - manufacturer, cross - device linkage

L support multi-device remote linkage across the network

Support multiple time periods and multiple strategies

L support manual/automatic mode switching

L support installation/removal/bypass and other functions

L supports multiple users and permissions

L support siren output

L support voice synthesis alarm

L supports intelligent background music

L support SMS, phone, mobile phone alarm

Management platform

B/S management platform based on J2EE, large database, AJAX and other advanced technologies, has the characteristics of safe and reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade.

Intelligent Internet of things gateway controller

L ARM Cotex - A9, LINUX


L 1 channel VGA output


Dual network port, manageable

L 16 switch input

L 8-way switch output

L 4-way photoelectric isolation RS485

L 4 way optoelectronic isolation RS232

L 8 channel photoelectric isolation analog input

L 1 way 12V/2A linkage output

L 1 wagen card reader input

L 1 channel 433M wireless link

L 1 road 802.11b/g/n wi-fi

L 1 speaker output

L 1 pickup input

L 1 RJ11 telephone interface

The system characteristics

Support single machine work: built-in web server, no need to install any software

Support device redundancy when one device fails, another device automatically takes over

Support network work: multiple devices work together, centralized storage, centralized management

L support firewall penetration

Support dynamic domain name

L support remote management, remote maintenance, remote upgrade

Support remote access control of mobile phone


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