Intelligent elevator solution

Intelligent elevator solution

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In order to strengthen the elevator safety management, prevent and reduce accidents, guarantee the people life and property safety, come into force on January 1, 2014 of the law of the People's Republic of China special equipment safety ", the special equipment safety supervision regulations of the state council and the "special equipment safety technical specifications TSG_T5001-2009 electricity use ladder of management and maintenance rules, for detecting elevator production, use, inspection, supervision and management of the legal responsibility made specific provision, such as special requirements have elevator emergency alarm device can realize effective contact with the outside world, encourage and support the building elevator remote monitoring system,The safe operation of elevator is monitored and managed by network.

The hangzhou xu technology co., LTD. According to the relevant national standard tailored the wisdom of the elevator management platform, using the modern Internet technology and information technology, the realization international general standard protocol, realize intelligent, network management and real-time alarm, two-way video calls, traceability process, has the ability to handle full hd, real-time hd media release ability, strengthened the elevator equipment at the same time, the elevator and elevator maintenance personnel of the units used monitoring management capabilities, to ensure the safety work of the elevator, the decrease of elevator accident, provides the powerful technical support.


 system chart

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Functions overview

• monitor the elevator running status in real time, and inform the command center in real time when abnormal elevator running is found

• the command center can video the trapped person in the car after receiving the alarm and inform the rescue team to deal with it promptly

• push media and graphic information when the elevator is in normal operation

• intelligent alarm and monitoring function

• media release

• planned release, real-time insertion, image and text overlay, platform standard overlay, multi-screen

• equipment management

• automatic upgrade, remote maintenance

• command and scheduling functions

• support call centers

• call waiting, queuing, transfer, monitoring, tripartite call and other functions

• automatically find the most recent maintainer

• the command process supports full video recording

Yingxu intelligent elevator has been installed and used in many cities.