Intelligent housing solutions

Intelligent housing solutions

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1.An overview,

Intelligent house control system is an intelligent control system tailored for modern supervision system.The system is mainly composed of supervision room machine, center controller and server program.

The monitor room selected the latest ARM architecture A9 processor and embedded Linux system, CPU frequency up to 1GHz, built-in 3D image acceleration and Java hardware coprocessor, can directly process the resolution of 1080p hd video.

The central system is equipped with superior SIP Server and CMS Server, which can handle 5000 audio calls or 500 audio and video calls simultaneously on a strong Server.

The controller has such functions as visual intercom, TV centralized control, superposition of text and text subtitles, remote data acquisition, remote IO control and traditional DVR.

2. System block diagram

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3. Introduction of main functions

Television centralized control

A TV program on a specified channel is broadcast on a regular basis.

Caption control

The program can be overlaid with text and caption information at fixed time and fixed point.

Visual intercom

Can and center visual intercom, through the system extension, and external network

Remote data acquisition

The temperature and humidity of the monitoring room can be collected, as well as the status of bus sensors in the monitoring room can be acquired remotely.

Remote IO port control

It can control lights, fans, televisions and other equipment of the monitoring room remotely, and also can obtain the status of various switching sensors of the monitoring room remotely.

Audio and video acquisition and monitoring

Can monitor the sound and video information remotely.

Doctor's appointments and shopping

The system has a built-in web browser that can access other information systems inside the prison through the HTTP protocol

SDK development interface is provided, which can be easily embedded into the existing OA system