Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions

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I. product overview

HCS1000 is mainly used in the home. On the premise of not affecting the cable TV, it expands the auxiliary functions such as video calling, monitoring and security, telemedicine and so on (set-top box signal as one of the audio and video signal sources).IT combines a number of the latest technology in the IT field, such as video and audio compression/decompression, VoIP, SD card storage, TCP/IP network and other technologies, with the network video video recorder (NVR), Videophone and wireless alarm features, can work independently locally, but also can work together with the network.

Network image monitoring, you can view the Internet video understand the status of the home.

Wireless alarm gateway, support a variety of remote control and wireless detectors, such as infrared, shooting, curtain, smoke, gas, etc., when the thief invasion and other alarm, the device will automatically video video alarm.

Emergency help. In case of illness of the elderly or other emergencies, the user can use the remote control or the emergency button to realize emergency help and inform the rescue personnel to reach the scene quickly.

Home medical treatment, users test heartbeat, blood pressure and so on at home, the test data is transmitted wirelessly to the device, the device will give advice and upload it to the backstage community medical system for doctors to review, but also through video to understand the relevant situation of patients.

Video video call, can be remote face - to - face family talk.

HCS1000 is designed with the needs of modern families in mind. No fan is needed for heat dissipation when working, and SD card is used for data storage without any annoying noise.


Ii. Main functions of the product

1, visual VoIP function

HCS1000 supports both visual and non-visual VoIP calling.

· video calls between two HCS1000 users

· video calls with 3G and fixed-line phone users

· at the same time of VVoIP call, you can watch video on the TV and make a call.

· support direct dialing of telephone

· support remote dialing

· support caller id

· industry-leading echo elimination and dynamic jitter buffer algorithm

· support secondary dialing

· support call recording/automatic answer recording

· support NAT and firewall traversal

2. Hd playback

Support 1080p hd playback, support local playback, support network streaming media playback.

3, visual intercom

HCS1000 and visual intercom docking, visual intercom images and sounds can be displayed on the TV through HCS1000, users can talk to each other through HCS1000 and directly control the door switch through the remote control.

4. Telemedicine

Users test their heart rate, blood pressure and so on at home, and the data is sent wirelessly to the device, which gives advice and uploads it to the community health system in the background for doctors to review. They can also learn about patients through video.

5. DVR function

· support 1-channel PAL/NTSC standard video signal and 1-channel stereo voice input.

· support 1-way USB camera (audio and video) input.

· h.264 video compression technology.

· support video parameter dynamic setting.

· maximum support for D1 resolution encoding.

· support multi-area motion detection.

· recording mode: timing recording, manual recording, motion detection recording and alarm recording.

· 1/4 way display mode is supported in preview, and picture in picture mode is supported.

· can set parameters and browse any video and audio signal of one or more channels in real time through the network.

· support playback modes such as fast play, slow play and single frame, and search by video type and time.

· display the local recording status and alarm status.

· network protocol: support RTSP, TCP, UDP, RTP and multicast transmission.Supports direct playback via VLC, QuickTime and other standard video playback software.

6. Alarm monitoring function

· support wireless alarm input, wireless door and window magnets, wireless infrared sensors, wireless emergency buttons and other wireless detectors;

· local semaphore alarm input, supporting linkage video recording or/and linkage output;

· motion detection alarm detection, supporting linkage video recording or/and linkage output;

· remote/remote control installation, removal and manual or timing configuration.

· remote alarm transmission

· alarm log.