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The first "Internet of things +" elevator supervision new model landed in ninghai

2017-11-03 14:40:10 admin 2

Source: ningbo daily (trainee reporter sun jiali correspondent li luwen German army)

Recently, the first "Internet of things +" elevator supervision new model landed in ninghai.The market supervision bureau of ninghai county has installed the safe "black technology" -- "elevator cat" APP on some of the elevators. The staff on duty on the platform of the elevator Internet of things center can know the real-time operation status of the elevators with the touch of their fingers.

Up to now, there have been 3,742 elevators in use in ninghai, with an average annual growth rate of 20%.As multi-storey residential buildings are fully rolled out and equipped with elevators, the number of elevators in ninghai is about to usher in explosive growth.As a special "vehicle" that must be taken every day, the safe operation of the elevator affects the heart of thousands of families.Before 2016, there were about 80 elevator accidents in ninghai every year, with 256 people trapped.Since the pilot operation of "elevator cat" APP began in October last year, the number of reports of stranded people and the number of times of trapped people accepted by ninghai decreased by 46.67% and 68.33% respectively compared with the same period last year.

Elevator cat USES cameras and infrared light to monitor the operation of the elevator around the clock. In the event of a malfunction or a prolonged human stay, the black box will detect an elevator fault code and send it to the data analysis center.The backstage personnel on duty are online 24 hours a day. Once they receive the fault code, they can immediately access the video in the elevator of this platform through the mobile APP, and timely comfort the trapped personnel through the video call and guide the emergency treatment.

In addition, "elevator cat" also integrates big data to carry out intelligent management of original scattered and difficult to supervise elevator maintenance, regular inspection and emergency rescue.