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Hangzhou yingxu was invited to participate in China unicom Internet of things ecological conference

2017-08-26 14:43:28 admin 9

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Recently, hangzhou yingxu was invited to participate in the Internet of things ecological conference held by China unicom and guangzhou municipal people's government, and brought the leading elevator Internet of things solution -- "elevator cat", which comprehensively demonstrated the application of Internet of things technology in elevator safety supervision and the latest achievements of Internet of things ecological construction.

In recent years, with the rise of the Internet market, the hangzhou xu give full play to their own advantages, actively promote the application of the elevator iot technology deployment and industry layout, introduced elevator iot security system "the cat", implement the "iot terminals" + "APP" + "cloud platform" all-round construction layout, can provide perfect elevator iot security solutions.At present, the "elevator cat" has landed in a number of cities across the country, with an average of 60 million elevator cats going up and down floors every day, saving 16 people trapped.To provide better safety, the elevator cat has been working hard.

However, the Internet of things is a huge ecosystem, involving various enterprises in the ecological chain of the Internet of things, the elevator cat manufacturer is inevitably weak.Therefore, while enhancing its technological advantages, hangzhou yingxu also advocates a "win-win and Shared" cooperative relationship.Take safety as the core, take connection as the link, cooperate with vertical industry partners, continuously expand business coverage, bring the safest guarantee for more passengers as far as possible, connect "elevator" and "people", and share things.

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At the exhibition site, hangzhou yingxu brought the elevator cat.

Elevator cats have many functions:

------ safety, rescue

● the system in trouble immediately automatic dial alarm, manual dial confirmation, to ensure the fastest rescue.

● waiting for rescue, 24-hour platform professional customer service and trapped personnel video call comfort, guide the trapped people the correct emergency

Reason way, avoid stack damage.

● the whole rescue process automatic video, file for future reference, effectively avoid disputes.

● fault monitoring: overspeed, squat, rush, open the door to run, unable to close the door, flat and non-flat layer trapped.

------ -- fire warning

● the elevator cat contains smoke sensor, which will automatically alarm when there is a fire. The professional customer service of the platform will immediately confirm through video and call the property management and fire alarm.

------ -- maintenance service monitoring

● automatic prompt maintenance unit maintenance of the elevator.

● monitoring maintenance unit whether on time for elevator maintenance, and make statistics, effective supervision and maintenance work.

------ big data analysis

● all-weather monitoring of elevator operation, fault prediction and analysis, automatic summary of fault data, and automatically generate reports and send to the manager.Big data analysis can prevent accidents in advance and can be used as a reference for purchasing elevator equipment.

------ system platform hierarchical management

● clear authority, management departments at all levels, property company only check the jurisdiction of the elevator, simple operation, clear at a glance.

------ good helper of property management

● remote information release, do not leave the house;A machine in hand, everything.

-- -- -- -- -- -- multimedia

● experience security and intelligence while increasing economic benefits.

Yingxu intelligent as 96333 protocol unit, the elevator cat has been recognized and supported by the management department, more than 30,000 sets of equipment has been online mature operation.

------ intelligent management

● elevator running status monitoring, data collection, automatic summary, generate reports;Remote information release, remote maintenance control, remote audio and video calls;System platform hierarchical management, with remote APP.

------ face recognition

Dynamic monitoring, intelligent building, enhance the safety of residents, convenient and safe travel.

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