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"Intelligent elevator" won the "best project promotion" award

2019-10-17 14:43:50 admin 127

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Recently, the "intelligent elevator" Internet of things platform, a practical project for people's livelihood led by the quality supervision bureau of yuecheng district of shaoxing city, won the excellent award of "best project promotion" of the city's organs and units.

With the acceleration of economic and social development and urbanization, the number of elevators in China has maintained a rapid growth momentum.Elevator safety is not only related to people's life and property safety, but also become an important window to test the level of urban management.As a functional department of elevator safety supervision, the quality supervision bureau innovates supervision methods, explores the construction of "intelligent elevator", implements precise supervision, strives to improve the ability and level of elevator safety supervision, and continuously strengthens the foundation of protecting people's personal and property safety.

After the completion and operation of the project, it is of great significance to improve the government's public service ability, maintain public safety and serve people's livelihood.